Come celebrate Pride with TFA & HTUC

​Summer of 69 is this years theme for Pride Houston. Houston Transgender Unity Committee will walk in Pride and Transgender Foundation of America will display the Transgender Archives in the History Tent during the festival. May we celebrate all the victories and keep moving forward! ​

The following events are best watched through these public Face Book invites. That allows us to let you know of any changes through the events. ​​

TG Archive Acquisitions & Friends of Queer Voices

 We are kicking off fundraising to support the Houston Queer Voices Radio Show and to raise money for TG Archive Acquisitions!

Queer Voices has been the reliable voice of the Houston GLBT community for many years. Currently Queer Voices can be heard every Monday evening on Pacifica Radio’s Houston station KPFT. For some time Pacifica Radio’s financial situation has been difficult. This has left Queer Voices in a situation where they may need to make alternative production and broadcast arrangements on very short notice. The purpose of Our “Friends of Queer Voices” fund will raise money to support the Houston Queer Voices radio show by assuring that there is money available to support this move should it happen and provide other funding to Queer Voices as appropriate.

Support Friends of Queer Voices

The second fund we are kicking off is the TG Archive Acquisition fund. Currently when we find something that we would like to acquire for the Transgender Archives, we do semi-panic fundraising and hope we can raise the funds before someone else acquires the item. This fund is to give us a head start on the fund raising so we can improve our acquisition success.

Support the Transgender Archive Acquisition Fund

AND … if you would like to support both of these funds just donate via the link below and we will split your donation evenly between the two…

Support Friends of Queer Voices and TG Archive Acquisitions


The Friends of Queer Voices fund and the TG Archives Acquisition fund are projects of the Transgender Foundation of America (TFA). TFA is a 501(c)3 public charity located in Houston, Texas. 10% of funds raised for projects go to TFA’s unrestricted account to cover support group space rental and general expenses. All other monies raised directly support the purpose of the fund.
For the Friends of Queer Voices fund it is possible that the time will come when the producers of Queer Voices may decide that these backup funds are no longer necessary. If that occurs 50% of the fund balance will be donated to one or more 501(c)3s chosen by Queer Voices and the remaining 50% will be donated to the TG Archive Acquisition fund.

Transgender Archives

The Transgender Foundation of America’s (TFA) archive of transgender history and research library is the beating heart of the transgender center located in Houston, Texas. For far too long, transgenders lived without a sense of history as a people. The Houston Transgender Archive addresses this by actively searching out and acquiring transgender history. The TFA research library includes journals, studies, biographies and more, both current and obscure. The library includes both the most current information on transgender issues as well as delicate books that are hundreds of years old.

Currently, the archive holds transgender magazines dating back to 1750, transgender statuary from diverse cultures such a China, Africa and Europe, original newspapers recording transgender history dating back to the early 1700s, rare transgender books dating back to the 1600s, original transgender photos dating back to before the Civil War and other transgender artifacts dating back as far as the Roman Empire.

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