Day of Remeberance (TDOR)

Day of Remembrance… we wish we didn’t have to have this.

In Houston if you are local you are invited to honor the names of those lost with us in  person. Click here for the invite. 

If you are not able to make it in but would like to honor the names of our siblings lost in hate due to being Transgender here.  

Wondering who has their finger on transgender news? Click here to find community reporting, the latest pod cast episode, and open enrollment. 

Above all we know the holidays can be filled with many lows so please take care! If you want to text or talk for any reason the Trevor Project is always available. 

Day of Remeberance (TDOR)

Join us again this year at the AD Bruce Religion Center for the 2018 Transgender Day of Remembrance. 

Refreshments will be had upstairs 7:00pm and programing will begin at 7:45pm.

**Use only the address goggle gives as it shows you how to navigate the campus.

AD Bruce Religion Center use google only
3800 Cullen Blv 77004

We will be together as we honor those we have lost this year to hate.

For day of updates you are welcome to see messages on our invite without opening an account here:

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