TFA Position – Banning Transgender Individuals From The U.S. Military

The Presidential Tweets banning transgender individuals from the U.S. military are disappointing, but not surprising. As with many of the President’s twitter announcements, they are poorly thought out, lacking in fact, and intended entirely for short-term partisan political gain.
Transgender individuals have proudly served in our country’s Military since the earliest days of our nation and will continue to do so. The president’s ban is a ban on open service, not a ban on service.
During the Obama administration, the Defense Department undertook an extensive study of the cost and effect of transgender individuals openly serving in the United States military. The conclusion was that the U.S. Military could easily accommodate open service by transgender individuals and that the cost would be minimal and possibly offset by increased efficiency and reduced mental health problems. This fact based study led to the implementation of policies that encouraged transgender individuals to openly serve in our nation’s armed services.
The President tweeted. “Our military must be focused on decisive and overwhelming victory and cannot be burdened with the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail,” These “tremendous medical costs” are much less than one Trump golfing weekend and the “disruption” simply does not exist.
Unfortunately, the Trump policy will have an undeserved negative impact on many transgender individuals who are currently proudly and openly serving their country. All those serving in our military deserve our respect and appreciation. It is disgraceful for the commander in chief to attack those serving under him for purely political reasons. It is these actions of the commander in chief that threaten our nation’s security, not the brave service of transgender individuals.

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City of Houston Restroom Ordinance

This is the ordinance that applies to the use of restrooms in the city of Houston. Note that to be considered unlawful, this has to be done “in a manner calculated to cause a disturbance”.



Sec. 28-20. – Entering restrooms of opposite sex.

It shall be unlawful for any person to knowingly and intentionally enter any public restroom designated for the exclusive use of the sex opposite to such person’s sex without the permission of the owner, tenant, manager, lessee or other person in charge of the premises, in a manner calculated to cause a disturbance.


Transgender Archives

The Transgender Foundation of America’s (TFA) archive of transgender history and research library is the beating heart of the transgender center located in Houston, Texas. For far too long, transgenders lived without a sense of history as a people. The Houston Transgender Archive addresses this by actively searching out and acquiring transgender history. The TFA research library includes journals, studies, biographies and more, both current and obscure. The library includes both the most current information on transgender issues as well as delicate books that are hundreds of years old.

Currently, the archive holds transgender magazines dating back to 1750, transgender statuary from diverse cultures such a China, Africa and Europe, original newspapers recording transgender history dating back to the early 1700s, rare transgender books dating back to the 1600s, original transgender photos dating back to before the Civil War and other transgender artifacts dating back as far as the Roman Empire.

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